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My name is Wesley Webster. I am a Filipino-American, full-stack software engineer, based in Milwaukee, WI.  My journey spans from being a boot-camp graduate to a proficient self-taught professional, honing my skills across the varied landscape of software engineering. From crafting elegant UIs, writing scalable schemas and making reasonable system design choices. I have 6 years of working experience spanning from small studios, mid-size consulting companies to large corporations.

I excel in developing efficient, scalable code and designing intuitive, engaging UX/UI interfaces. I find I work my best when I am close to the product or SaaS, whether on front-end or back-end. With a strong command in front-end development and a solid understanding of backend architecture and system design, I am well-versed in the full software development spectrum. As a result, I'm more of a T-shaped engineer with specialty on the front end but knowledge of the bigger picture of a development life cycle.

I continue to grow my skills via self-learning and investing in myself. I am happy to have completed my journey as a 2022 fellow in Formation Dev, a highly selective competitive software engineer fellowship where I was able to sharpen my skills of Comp-Sci fundamentals of data structures and algorithms, as well being able to pair program and being mentored by top software engineer that were FAANG / MANGA

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Below is a curated list of my work where I show not only what I did, but how and why. Each case study comes with a summary for ease of reading.