My name is Wesley Webster. I am a Filipino-American, boot-camp graduate, self-taught Full-Stack Software Engineer based in Milwaukee, WI. Aside from being able to write quality, scalable code, I possess a great eye and feel for User Experience / User Interfaces (UX/UI). I am an avid fan of the Hero's Journey and pushing one's self to the limits. There's nothing I love more than learning new things and finding out more ways to become efficient at what I do. I would describe myself currently as a T – shaped engineer, meaning I have great depth of the front end, and I am aware and understand how the backend works along with a little system design to see the full picture.

Coming from a non-traditional background , I have actually been coding since my time of being enrolled in the Madison's (YWCA) YWeb Career Academy coding boot camp in the fall of 2017, but earlier can be traced to middle school days during the Myspace and early social media. Through hard work, grit and perseverance, I have willed myself in this tech space – something that never would have crossed my mind had I not took a chance. Each day there's a chance for me to grow.

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