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Project Overview

overview of the current project

This is a work sample of a community hub done during my time at Nvisia. When I joined the design had already been done in Adobe XD. I just needed to use and code within HubSpot CMR / CMS to set up components and styling.

Technology Used:

  • HubSpot CMS
  • Hubl (Templating Language)
  • HubSpot CLI
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe XD



When I first joined Nvisia the summer of 2020 as an intern, this was one of the first major projects I was onboarded and eventually took ownership of it when I became a full-time employee. This is a site that acts a community hub for IT professionals in Milwaukee and surrounding areas. Members can sign up and go to exclusive social and networking events.

Objective 1: Community hub

Users need to be able to see upcoming and past events of ELITE. As well as see other members based on their location.

Objective 2: Resources of Milwaukee

Needed to have a stream of information from the latest events, happenings in Milwaukee.


Much of the research we done was deciding between our objectives and what we wanted to get out. Much inspiration was taken from existing services and watch parties. We even thought of doing a Chrome-browser extension, but it got complicated with user access, streaming and copyright that we decided to go a different approach


I do not have the mock ups, but much of the design was done in Adobe XD. Iterations just included quality of life changes, such as filtering, member display and the occasional update of events.


The community site for ELITE is still live today, and although I am no longer with the company, it's presence is stil felt today. I learned a lot about using Hubspot CRM for both creating components, emails and being an admin in the system. It is a very powerful tool and great for content editors to fill in contact, as developers could make components very authorable and fill in the blank. Which was something used a lot for this site as copywriters needed to add content or edit text.

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